Port Aransas newest RV Resort
Located on the "Texas Riviera"
Located only 2 blocks from the Ferry at 241 West Cotter Avenue
The Island Trolly
TROLLY Stops at Our Resort Entrance
Located on the "Texas Riviera" in the heart of the city and the waterfront area, yet secluded from traffic noise.


1. Speed Limit - 5mph.
2. QUIET hours exist between 10PM and 7AM. No generators, loud music, or loud voices.
3. Washing RV and/or VEHICLE-charge of $10.00/RV or $5.00/car, truck or boat, will apply.
5. NO SMOKING in the recreation room, showers, or laundry.
6. No littering or fouling the grounds or grassy areas, or your own yards with cigarette butts or trash of any kind.
7. Children under 15 years of age must be accompanied by an adult in Recreation Room. No one under the age of 15 is permitted to play on the pool tables.
8. Two vehicles per site. No parking on vacant sites.
9. Kitchen facilities available to registered guests and must be cleaned immediately after use.
Only for special functions that require a stove/ oven larger than your RV can accommodate.
10. Do not remove any MBRV Resort property from the recreation room or other areas.
11. Inappropriate use of resort facilities can be considered reasonable grounds for immediate departure. Please report any suspicious activity.
12. No clotheslines.
13. Services paid more than 5 days after due date, will incur a service charge. NO EXCEPTIONS! There is to be no sub-leasing of lots to others or of your RV to someone else. All visiting guests must be registered at office and fees for extra persons/vehicles are to be paid in advance. 14. Place all bait or fish remains in double plastic bags and dispose of in containers.
16. Must be 18 years of age and have valid driver's license to drive golf carts or any All Terrain Vehicles.
Management assumes no responsibility for injury, accidents or losses from any cause.

Pet Policy

1. Pets are welcomed but must be on A LEASH AT ALL TIMES.
2. No loose cats…
3. Please use the designated pet walking area, this is the 30ft green belt on the south and east sides of
the resort.
4. Pets must not be exercised on other lawns or common areas.
5. Tethers/tie outs, must not allow pet off of its owner's site perimeter.
6. NO PETS in the recreation room, showers, laundry or middle courtyard.
7. Each pet owner must sign a pet agreement when checking in.

Pool & Spa Rules

2. Adults ONLY (18 years and up) allowed in Spa. NO EXCEPTIONS! Shower and Swimsuit required. No street clothing.
3. The pool will close at 10:00 PM each evening and not open before 8:00 AM.
4. The pool is for the use of resort guests only.
5. Children under the age of 15 should not be at the pool without parental supervision.
6. No running, diving or horseplay in the pool area.
7. No glass containers in the pool area.


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